Thailand Board of Investment

Thailand Board of Investment

Thailand’s Board of Investment has an essential function of encouraging foreign direct investment and economic growth. Founded to attract and facilitate investments, the BOI drives Thailand’s financial and technological accomplishments. The Thailand Board of Investment’s worth, functions, incentives, and application process are analyzed in this article to show its influence in business achievement.

I. Thailand Board of Investment Roots

The Thailand Board of Investment, under the Office of the Prime Minister, was founded in 1954. This was developed in order to encourage local and foreign investment in Thailand’s key industries.

II. BOI goals

A. Promoting Investment: The BOI encourages and facilitates investment in industries that support Thailand’s economic development.

B. Economic Competitiveness: The BOI offers different incentives to boost Thailand’s companies’ worldwide competitiveness.

C. Stimulating Technological Advancements: The BOI stimulates innovation and new technologies to boost industrial growth and productivity.

III. Investment Promotion and Priority Industries

The BOI organizes industries and offers different incentives to attract investment. Manufacturing, agriculture, agro-industry, mining, and services are priorities.

IV. BOI Investment Rewards

A. Tax Privileges: The BOI exempts or reduces corporate income tax for a period, based on industry and location.

B. Machinery, raw materials, and key components may be eliminated or reduced from import duties for eligible projects.

C. Land Ownership and Use Rights: Foreign investors can own land for promoted enterprises, which is otherwise restricted.

D. Permission for Foreign Workers: The BOI licenses foreign specialists, technicians, and skilled workers in Thailand.

The Application Process

A. Eligibility and Project Proposal: Investors must be eligible and submit a detailed project proposal explaining their investment plan.

B. BOI Application Submission: The BOI receives the application and supporting documents.

C. BOI Evaluation and Approval: The BOI approves the application and promotes the investment project.

VI. BOI and Growth

The BOI has assisted Thailand attract foreign direct investment, boosting businesses, technology, and employment.

VII. Future goals and challenges

The BOI has been crucial to Thailand’s economic success, but it continues to adapt to new difficulties and worldwide business opportunities.


The Thailand Board of Investment drives investment, technology, and industry, ensuring Thailand’s economic growth. The BOI attracts local and foreign investors with a variety of incentives, making Thailand a global competitor. The BOI will shape Thailand’s economic future as it adjusts to changing economic landscapes and embraces new sectors.

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