How to Get Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

If you have ever wondered how to get divorce in Thailand, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about Uncontested Divorce and the importance of hiring a divorce lawyer. Read on to learn more! Despite the laws in Thailand being simple, there are some things you should know before filing for divorce. These include: What can you expect at the Divorce Court? What are the fees involved? And why should you hire a divorce lawyer?

Uncontested Divorce in Thailand

An uncontested divorce in Thailand can be filed if both parties agree to it in writing. Two witnesses must sign it must be registered at the district office or Amphur. Otherwise, the divorce is null and void. If you and your spouse have children, a contested divorce may be necessary. You should always bring a translated copy of your passport to the proceedings. Listed below are the steps to get an uncontested divorce in Thailand.

The first step in getting a divorce in Thailand is filing for an uncontested divorce. Generally, the uncontested divorce is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive type of divorce. The documents you need for a Thai divorce include a contract between both parties detailing the issues you want to settle, such as the division of property and child custody. The document must be signed by both parties and is not contested, unless one of them has done something to cause the other to file for a contested divorce.

Contested Divorce in Thailand

When a marriage ends in a contested divorce in Thailand, the other spouse may be unable to settle certain issues without the intervention of the court. In this situation, both spouses may seek the services of a Thai divorce lawyer. The petitioner must be present at least once in order to prove the erring spouse’s guilt. If the petitioner fails to make an appearance at all, the other spouse will be declared in default.

In order to qualify for a contested divorce in Thailand, one party must have caused the other party’s injury or disadvantage. Often, this requires that the party requesting the divorce is suffering from an illness or disease. It can also be advantageous for one party to hire a divorce lawyer to represent their interests. A contested divorce in Thailand is usually only necessary in some circumstances, especially in cases where children are involved. The court will take into account all of these factors in making its decision.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Thailand

If you’re getting a divorce in Thailand, you should make sure to hire a divorce lawyer who specializes in Thai law. Thailand divorces are generally administrative, not contested, and often involve the division of property. In addition to dividing property, Thailand’s divorce laws require the parties to enter into prenuptial agreements. If you have children together, this is a particularly important consideration. The civil and commercial code of Thailand has specific requirements for prenups, and Thailand’s divorce lawyers must be familiar with these requirements.

Regardless of the grounds for the divorce, it’s important to have the assistance of a Thai divorce lawyer. A divorce in Thailand is administrative in nature, but it can become complex if alimony, child custody, and division of marital assets are involved. A Thai divorce lawyer will know how to best defend your interests and gather evidence. Divorce settlements must be inclusive of all legal interests of each party.

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