Contract Review in Sale and Purchase Contracts in Thailand

Contract Review in Thailand

Before concluding a purchase or sale, you need to review the sale and purchase contract. Often people take a sample contract and make modifications to it. When preparing a sales contract, make sure to verify all information on the property and any environmental regulations and government permits. Incorrect information can lead to legal issues later […]

Thailand Property Due Diligence

Due Diligence in Thailand

As a buyer in Thailand, due diligence is essential before you purchase a property. You need to make sure the seller is an actual owner of the property. It is advisable to conduct a physical inspection of the property before you make your purchase. The following steps will assist you in performing your due diligence. […]

Property Title Search in Thailand

Property Title Search in Thailand

To understand the importance of a property title search in Thailand, it is important to understand what it entails. This search allows you to see the history of a property, including who first owned it and who has owned it since. Historical speaking, all land in Thailand is owned by the King. The first time […]